Agenda 2030

The UN have adopted 17 global goals for a sustainable development according to Agenda 2030. The goals aim to end poverty, stop climate change, and create peaceful, secure communities. But what has this got to do with packaging? As a purchaser and producer of packaging, you can contribute to achieving the goals of Agenda 2030 in several ways. As you know, sustainability is not only about the environment but also about how the products that we use affect people and societies during their lifecycle – from raw materials to production and recycling.

Here is how the production of packaging can contribute to the global goals for a sustainable development. Let’s take a look at a practical example, specifically our own operations at GBGT Box. We have identified ten goals relevant to the packaging industry and developed various tools for reaching the goals.

GBGT Box applies collective agreement and complies with the Swedish work environment act. We use products with as little environmental impact as possible and follow security routines for the handling of chemicals. All staff is offered a wellness allowance to maintain good health.

To ensure our professional competence and competitive edge in packaging production, we have developed routines and programs for competence maintenance.

GBGT Box follow a gender equality plan and a policy for systematic efforts to counteract discrimination, for example, through payroll mapping.

Polluted water from production processes is sent for proper treatment.

GBGT Box’s operational systems ensure that our suppliers and we comply with labour legislation. Together with customers and suppliers, we contribute to society’s economic growth.

GBGT Box actively work towards a reduction of resource utilization across the whole value chain from raw material to recycling. All carton and paper waste is recycled.

All the electricity we use is generated by our own wind turbines.

Energy efficiency is key to reduce the climate footprint in our own production as well as sourcing of raw materials, transport, and recycling. Using the ClimateCalc calculation tool, we identify the most climate-impacting activities over a product’s lifecycle to constantly seek better and more climate-smart alternatives.

The raw material we use comes from sustainable sources and is produced with the lowest possible environmental impact. As a packaging producer, we can make a difference by promoting chain-of-custody certified raw materials and placing tough demands on our suppliers. We also aim to increase our use of recycled material.

Our whole value chain must be free from bribes and corruption. This means that we place demands on our suppliers and set up routines for how we work together.

Achieving the goals of sustainable development takes a joint effort of several different parties. GBGT Box is constantly exchanging ideas and experiences with other actors to work towards more sustainable production and handling of packaging products. We are an active member of our trade association (Grafiska Företagens Förbund,GFF), and we have taken knowledge-sharing initiatives that contribute to a sustainable development in graphic production and packaging production.

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