Acne Studios - Men's Lookbook SS18 / Women's Resort Lookbok SS18

Design: Acne Studios
Client: Acne Studios
Printed matter:
Paper, specified: Zen Pure White, Luxo Magic, Polyart, Munken Print White.
Other: Men’s lookbook: The fluorescent folder is printed on Zen Pure White. Printed 4+4 with our HPT-colors and afterwards silkscreen printed with fluorescent Pantone colors. Folded and gathered as loose sheets. The fashion section is printed on two different sheets on Luxo Magic 130gsm. The sheets are taped and folded by hand (opened flat 1200x280mm, ready format 200x280mm). The two folders are packed in a screenprinted crystal clear plastic pocket and a letter bag made of Munken Print White 300gsm with white flat foil.

Women's resort lookbok: Six pages, printed on Luxo Magic 130gsm. Distributed in the same kind of plastic pocket and letter bag as the Men’s lookbook with two Lenticular printed cards (3D effect). Backside of the cards is laminated with Polyart.

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