Cutouts – Andreas Eriksson

Design: Henrik Nygren Design
Client: Andreas Eriksson Studio
Printed matter:
Paper, specified: Case and inside: Gmund Colors Matt 88 olive green 120gsm.
Softcover and flap: Gmund Colors Matt 35 orange 300gsm.
Content: Munken Lynx Rough 170gsm. Inserts: Munken Pure Rough 170gsm.
Tip-in: Munken Lynx Rough 170gsm.
Measurements: 214 X 313 mm
Other: A Swiss bound book with cases lined with Gmund Colors Matt 88 Olive Green.
Case cover with embossed, foiled text and offset printed tip-in, glued into a debossed square.
The softcover has a four-page foldout (Gmund Colors Matt 35 Orange) that embraces the whole book block.
The content, Munken Lynx Rough, divided with inserts in Munken Pure Rough, is printed with our Hybrid Print Technology.

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