Chocolate boxes

Design: OlssønBarbieri
Client: CF 18 Chocolatier
Paper, specified: Outer packaging and insert: Fibreform uncoated 365gsm.
Box: 2 mm Eskaboard wrapped with cloth Cialux 1510 white, 1578 light brown and 1869 light gray.
Padded paper in three layers. Glassine paper 40gsm.
Measurements: 120 x 95 x 20 mm / 190 x 122 x 20 mm / 240 x 190 x 20 mm
Other: Packaging made for 6-, 12-, and 24-pieces chocolate.
The box is produced in three different sizes and is wrapped with three different cloth colours. The typography on the sides is foil stamped with black foil. The largest box has a divider which is held in place by the insert.

The outer packaging has a tear off perforation and embossed foil stamping in black foil. It is also embossed and debossed. Insert with multi level debossing.

On top of the chocolate lies a padded paper in three layers and a glassine paper with flat foil stamping (Kurtz Light Line Laser).

To each packaging there is a matching folder, printed on Multi Design Natural White 150gsm and laminated with the same cloth materials as the boxes. The front page is foil stamped with black and white foil.

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