John Alinder Portraits 1910-32

Design: anne Jönsson
Client: Stiftelsen Upplandsmuseet
Printed matter:
Paper, specified: Cloth: Toile du Marais Kaki. Inlay: Arctic Volume Ivory 130gsm & Fedrigoni Arema white rough 140gsm.
Endpapers: Geltex 124-LS 115gsm. Dust jacket: Fedrigoni Arema white rough 140gsm.
Measurements: 220 x 285 mm
Other: Foildebossing with two colors on the front cover; Kurz Colorit 916 and Foilco 6726. Foildebossing with Kurz Colorit 916 on the spine.
Dust jacket with lower height measurements (104 mm)

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