Konstnärsrapport – Statens Konstråd

Design: Sebastian Wadsted
Client: Statens Konstråd
Printed matter:
Paper, specified: Flapcover/Swisscover: Keaykolour Parchment Aged 250gsm.
Endpaper front: Curious Translucent 112gsm.
Content: Munken Print White 15 115gsm, Geltex 295 LS plommon 115gsm, Geltex 241 LS Björk 115gsm, Geltex 231 LS Tussilago 115gsm, Geltex 263 LS Rönnbär 115gsm & MultiArt Gloss 115gsm.
Measurements: 165 x 240 mm
Other: Thread sewn softcover with an open spine, stitched with red thread.
Swiss cover 8 pages with flaps, positive formation, and deep flaps.
The cover is flat foil-stamped with red foil.

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