Marianne Hurum Krabbe

Design: Levi Bergqvist & Carl Gürgens
Client: Lillehammer Kunstmuseum
Printed matter:
Paper, specified: Dustjacket: Brillianta 4025. Cover: Venoplex 300gsm.
Inlay with nine different paperstocks: Rainbow Medium Green 80gsm, Rainbow Light Yellow 80gsm, Rainbow Ligth Pink 80gsm. Munken Print White 18 150gsm, MultiArt Silk 150gsm, Munken Lynx 120gsm, Arctic Volume Ivory 150gsm, Munken Pure Rough 120gsm, MultiArt Gloss 170gsm.
Measurements: 210 x 275 mm
Other: Dustjacket with silkscreen in black. Threadsewn softcover with open spine and visible colored thread that matches the dustjacket. Inlay consisting of nine different paperstocks. Thin colored dividers that separates different chapters.

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