Röhshults 2019/2020

Design: Rickard Heldemyr Design
Client: Röshults
Printed matter:
Paper, specified: Hardcover: Favini Sumo Black/Nero 3 mm. Endpaper hardcover: Geltex 191-LS.
Softcover: Lessebo Coloured strong black 9099 350gsm.
Inlay: Arctic Volume White 150gsm. Page divider: Cyclus Offset 115gsm.
Measurements: 240 x 297 mm
Other: Hardcover: Halfbound with spine in Brillianta 4000 black and 3 mm paw case cover, Favini Sumo Black/Nero.
The logo on front cover is laser cut. Spine and back with debossed glossy black foil. Page deviders in the inlay has laser cut logo.
Softcover: Cover material with flat foil (extra hard push) with glossy black foil. Printed page divider (Cyclus Offset) separates different sections.

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