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Here you find information about how to make the print ready PDF files you send to us.

Print-ready PDF/X-4 files

PDF/X is a special sub-pdf standard that meets ISO standards. All details and specific information required for print production is embedded into the graphic file.

PDF/X-4 is a standard that takes advantage of modern prepress processes. Built into Adobe Creative Suite applications since CS3, it retains live transparency and layers, as well as CMYK, RGB, Lab, and spot colors. With PDF/X-4, our sophisticated color-managed RIP handles transparency at the highest quality level and converts colors optimized to our print-process. PDF/X-4 les must be exported directly from InDesign. PDF/X-4 is the preferred standard to use when sending a PDF to Göteborgstryckeriet.

Before Exporting Your PDF

We will preflight your PDF, check for all specific information before we hit “print”. But be sure to check all of these things before you export the PDF:

  • The document is built to size.
  • The file is built by singel page and in page order. (not in printers spreads)
  • Compensate spine for perfect binding loss
  • There is at least .125-inch bleed on all sides. Specify bleed in Document Setup.
  • Any color Photoshop/pixel-art is RGB colorspace, not CMYK.
  • Any grayscale one color Photoshop/pixel art is truly grayscale, not RGB or CMYK black.
  • Any Photoshop/pixel-art is tagged with relevant icc-profile, not ”Document-RGB”.
  • Colors are specified in Color Settings the way you want them to print.
  • Any color Photoshop/pixel art has enough resolution. min 300 ppi

How to create a PDF/X file

Here are the steps to make a PDF/X-4 from InDesign.

  1. Go to Export in the File Menu.
  2. Give the le a relevant name. Do not chance name when revisions. If not complete document give page su x. ex. FILENAMEp01.pdf
  3. Choose Adobe PDF (Print) Format and Save.
  4. Set the Adobe PDF Preset to PDF/X-4 and check Pages (not Spreads).
  5. Under Marks and Bleeds check Crop Marks and Page Information.
  6. Set Bleed to 0.125 inch for Top, Bottom, Inside, and Outside. Do not include Slug Area.
  7. Under Output / Ink manager. Check for unwanted spotcolors.
  8. Then Export.
  9. Inspect the file before you upload it.

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