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Here are some things that you should consider when sending print files to us.

Print-ready PDF/X-4 files

PDF/X is a sub-pdf standard that meets ISO standards. All details and specific information required for print production is embedded into the graphic file.

PDF/X-4 is a standard that takes advantage of modern prepress processes. Built into Adobe Creative Suite applications since CS3, it retains live transparency and layers, as well as CMYK, RGB, Lab, and spot colors. With PDF/X-4, our sophisticated color-managed RIP handles transparency at the highest quality level and converts to colors optimized to our print-process. PDF/X-4 les must be exported directly from InDesign. PDF/X-4 is the preferred standard to use when sending a PDF to GBGT Box.

Document and drawing

We will check your document before production, but be sure to check all these things before you send it to us:

  • Document size/trim box should be the same size as the outer die-cut lines on the design.
  • Give the file a relevant name. If you have received a die number, e.g. 22-6187, keep that number in the name.
  • If you place the design in an InDesign document or similar, please make sure that the design is kept at 100%, and no scaling is done.
  • Ensure that there is at least a 5 mm bleed on all sides.
  • All images need to be at least 300ppi at the size they will be printed.
  • All images should be in RGB and tagged with a relevant ICC profile. Make sure that the images don´t have “Document RGB” as their ICC profile. You can check this in the “Links” panel in InDesign or Illustrator
  • Greyscale images should be in greyscale and not in RGB or CMYK.
  • The colours in your document should correspond with the colours you want to be printed.
  • If there are objects that are going to be foil stamped or debossed, set their colour to 100% of a spot colour named after the finishing wanted. E.g. create a new spot colour named “Foil” and set all foil objects to that colour.
  • Objects that are foil should be vectorized to get the best results.
  • A Rigid Box cannot be foil stamped closer than 5 mm to any edge.

How to create a PDF/X-4 file

Here are the steps to make a PDF/X-file from InDesign:

  1. Set the export pdf settings in your program of choice to PDF/X-4
  2. Set the bleed to at least 5 mm.
  3. Control and handle spot colours in the Output->Ink Manager window. Choose “No Color ”Conversion in the Output->Color window.

Check your file with the setting for overprint preview activated before sending it.

If you want to deliver a document for us to convert to pdf or do additional work on, use the “Package” functionality in InDesign and Illustrator to make sure all links and fonts are included.

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