About GBGT Box

GBGT Box, a family-owned business, goes back to 1918 and is currently run by the third generation. With roots in the high-end graphic industry, we have extensive experience creating and producing sustainable luxury packaging solutions for high-end brands.

Our dedicated teams advise and support in developing packaging projects, always with attention to detail.

We work within two different product areas: Rigid Boxes and Folding Boxes. Rigid boxes are stylish packages for products that require an elegant presentation. The core of the box is a strong and stable board made from recycled fibre. For the laminated exterior layer there is a wide choice of materials, offering unlimited design possibilities. The folding boxes are generally made of paperboard or lightweight corrugated board. Our packaging specialists also design box inserts to ensure an optimized protection of your product.

All production takes place in our plant in Sweden. We are continuously developing new strategies to meet the needs of tomorrow: for instance with mono-material packaging, the use of recycled and recyclable materials, and a continuous reduction of our carbon footprint. Our suppliers are committed to sustainable production, and we are certified to produce FSC®-labelled packaging. It means that you can rest assured that the packaging material can be traced back to responsibly managed forests.

We don’t just produce packaging. We create a packaging experience.

GBGT Box is a part of By Wind Group, sharing a commitment to sustainability with our sister company By Wind, quality printers. Visit By Wind to get inspired and see what they can do for you in terms of Art printing, Commercial printing, and Architecture printing.

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