Package your product in style

Rigid Boxes are the perfect packaging for products that deserve a unique form of presentation. They reveal a stylish exterior completely devoid of any glued edges or other lacklustre details. Instead all corners join seamlessly together at 90 degrees. By adding different finishes, the interaction between packaging and product is enhanced even further regardless of whether you prefer a minimalist or extravagant visual expression. But it's not just the first impression that characterizes our Rigid Boxes; it’s the feeling of opening the box that completes the experience.

At Göteborgstryckeriet Box&Display you can purchase quality-assured production, from construction and printing to the production of finished boxes. The production line is fully automated and requires no punching tools. With our production method it is easy and cost-effective to change production. There are many materials and box variants to choose from, lead times are shorter and so are delivery times. And the end result is a rigid box of precision and quality.

Göteborgstryckeriet Box&Display, has ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.

Who to contact?

Call our reception to be connected to the right person.

Phone: +46 31 86 87 00

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The core of our boxes.

When we manufacture our Rigid Boxes, we use a strong and stable board made from recycled fibre. The boxes use either grey, brown, white or black recycled board and are available in thicknesses ranging from 1.5 to 4 mm. These principles form the basis of all our boxes. We can also use other cardboard materials that are stained in different colours. Contact us for more information on what material is best for your box.

Laminate your box with a unique expression.

Our Rigid Boxes are appealing in all their simplicity. In order to give the packaging a unique expression that matches your products or brand, we can laminate the board with a wide variety of different surface materials. Printed or unprinted. The possibilities are endless, so we encourage our clients to take the time to contact us and discover all the exciting opportunities in more detail.

An interior with shape and function.

Almost all packaging contains a product. Many of these products must be protected to prevent breakages. Therefore, we help you to design custom-made box construction that protects and presents your product in style. Here you can choose between a range of different box interior constructions including cardboard, corrugated cardboard, moulded-plastic thread and foam. No matter what you choose, each solution maintains the same quality as the box itself.

Effects that provide an extra lift.

You can further enhance the impression with different kinds of effects. If you choose to foil the box, there are a variety of colours and structures to choose from. By embossing your logo, message or pattern you create an expression that is both visual and tactile. If you want better protection against fingerprints, dirt and wear and tear then you can laminate the box. The lamination is available in gloss, matt and soft touch. You can also choose a specific finish or effect on different surfaces of the box.

If you want more inspiration about different effects, you can order our Finger Swatch "22 effects from Göteborgstryckeriet".

Create a unique box.

There are four basic models that you can design differently to create your own unique box. For example, by changing the height of the lid you can change the box's function or expression completely. Choose between Box with lid, Push Box, Shoulder Box and Drawer Box.

Box with lid

Push Box

Shoulder Box

Drawer Box

Our different formats

There are some specific dimensions required when manufacturing a box. Contact us for assistance or more information, and we'll make sure you find the right solution.

How it works

How it works.
Step by Step.

Once we have completed the design drawings and the artwork is approved, we begin producing your boxes. Here you can see how it works, step by step.


The board is cut to the right size. This is a precision job that is the basis for the production of the entire package. The work requires perfection all the way down to the smallest details. It is very important that the measurements are accurate … we are talking tens of millimetres.


Now it's time to laminate the board with a cover. Either you choose to laminate the outside of the box, or both inside and out. There’s a huge variety of materials to choose from that can be printed as well as unprinted. We offer advice and guidance on all of them.


The next step is to emboss or foil. Or both. A logo, a message or a pattern – everything depends on the expression and feeling you want to create.


Then it's time to cut out the sharp-groove dike (V-Groove) in the board to get the exact angle of the box. And we can promise 100 per cent that it will be 90 degrees.


The final details are completed. The corners are punched off, glued, raised and joined to a finished box. And now it's ready.

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