How it works

Are you curious about how it works? Here you can see some different techniques we use to produce printed materials and packaging.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes are the perfect packaging for products that deserve a unique form of presentation. They reveal a stylish exterior completely devoid of any glued edges or other lacklustre details. Instead all corners join seamlessly together at 90 degrees. By adding different finishes, the interaction between packaging and product is enhanced even further regardless of whether you prefer a minimalist or extravagant visual expression. But it’s not just the first impression that characterizes our Rigid Boxes; it’s the feeling of opening the box that completes the experience.

At Göteborgstryckeriet Box&Display you can purchase quality-assured production, from construction and printing to the production of finished boxes. The production line is fully automated and requires no punching tools. With our production method it is easy and cost-effective to change production. There are many materials and box variants to choose from, lead times are shorter and so are delivery times. And the end result is a rigid box of precision and quality.

Hybrid Print Technology

Our unique printing method – Hybrid Print Technology – gives you equally astonishing results equally on uncoated paper and coated. Not only is it faster and more environmentally friendly than conventional methods, it also produces smoother color surfaces, richer blacks and razor-sharp details. In combination with our FM screening, the result is absolutely outstanding.

With eight colors or varnishes in the press there are fewer steps involved making the process faster and more effective. Furthermore we can print with the same quality on to plastics, cardboard and metallic surfaces in the same environmentally friendly way.


To foil a text, logo, symbol or image gives your print an extra dimension. Your choices include various matt, glossy and metallic. From these choices you can add different effects and there are many options of texture to choose from. To add yet another effect is to foil and emboss meaning the surfaces foiled is raised or depressed. This is an effect that can be seen and felt.

What is being foiled has to be transferred on to a die made out of magnesium, copper or brass. The metal used is dependent on the art work and what material we are foiling on. The finer details you have the higher quality die is needed. The die manufactured is mirrored and the art work raised. The die is placed into a machine and then heated. It is the combination of heat and pressure that transfers and adheres the foil on to your material.

Foiling is a separate production step that is done once the paper is printed, varnished or laminated.


Embossing is a process applied to a logo, text or a pattern. The process either raises or depresses the art work into the material. You can see it and feel it. The correct terminology for raised is emboss and deboss for depressed. It is possible to emboss with different levels (Multi-level Emboss) and with different angles (e.g. rounded or beveled). Embossing is often used with foil and is then called foil and emboss.

When embossing you will have to manufacture a die in magnesium, copper or brass, the die consists of two parts a male and female. When the paper is pressed in between the dies the embossing is created. The final result is depending on the pressure applied, temperature and the depth of the die. The quality of the paper also plays a vital role in the result. A thick and soft paper will leave you with the best result.

Embossing is a separate production step that is done once the paper is printed, laminated or foiled.


Are you in need of a prototype? Or would you like to manufacture a smaller edition? Thanks to the latest CAD technology we can produce a 3D model of your drawing that can be viewed on a monitor. Once you feel satisfied with your model we can produce a sample with the material of your choice. This way you can always feel confident about your final product. We have the capacity of cutting cardboard, Well, Reeboard, Solid board and Forex.

Digital printing

Our digital press is not only unique in that it can produce a complete stapled booklet, the press can print whites on to colored stock with high precision and detail. This enables us to also print full color on to colored stock by printing a white base that the color is applied to. Variable data can also be utilized when printing digital. Names, images and offers can be varied in myriads of ways.

It’s not only the print but also the paper. We are the only ones importing our own special paper which gives a high end feel. The result of our digital prints is printed matter that is of high quality brought through in a fast and cost effective manner.

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